ROOCY The Label is launched in 2018 and based in The Netherlands. Founded by two friends Romee & Coco, who have a great passion for fashion. The name ROOCY [Roe-kie] represents both our names and stands for the fact that we believe that everyone can achieve their goals.


You may be a “ROOCY” once but you won’t stay a ROOCY forever. However, this name reminds us where we are coming from and makes us appreciate all the things we accomplish everyday.


ROOCY The Label designs products that are handmade in the heart of Marrakesh and raised in Eindhoven. The keywords personalization and customization are our guidelines, we believe that the uniqueness of accessories needs to be taken to a higher level. 

We believe that you have to translate the love you have for your family, friends & yourself nevertheless, in your every day wardrobe. With this in mind we want to create unique products that can be personalized with your own touch, however you like. ROOCY encourages women to be confident, independent and one of a kind.


‘No one is you and that’s your power’ – Unique, like all our handmade products.


ROOCY can be created and bought online at www.roocythelabel.com. Make the ROOCY’s especially yours.